PageCurl started in 2015 as the brainchild of two authors who were tired of the current state of independent and small-press publishing. Too few authors could find quality, affordable editing and cover design, and many vanity presses charged authors a steep price to publish their books. 

While PageCurl has gone through some changes over the years, our mission remains the same.

We put authors first.

At PageCurl, you won’t find complicated royalty tables, charges for services you don’t need, or a heavy hand. You will find expert guidance, a respect for your craft and your vision, and most importantly, ownership of your work, always. 

PageCurl operates on a semi-anual renewal model. When you publish with us, you sign for a six-month contract. If you choose to go indie, you can do so at any time after your six-month term is up by giving us one month’s notice in writing. 

Our royalty model is simple. 

  • 35% of an author’s net sales (minus the retailers’ cut) pays for professional editing.
  • 10% of an author’s net sales (minus the retailers’ cut) pays for a professional cover design.
  • 55% of an author’s net sales (minus the retailers’ cut) goes directly to the author. 

While PageCurl doesn’t provide marketing services, we will share your book(s) on social media bi-weekly, offer you a monthly blog feature, and provide you with a one-hour sales and marketing consultation with one of our marketing experts. You’ll also receive a detailed social media plan that you can execute with ease.